KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Civil Engineering [CE] [PDF Download]

KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Civil Engineering [CE]Here is the details about all the papers of third semester of Civil Engineering under KTU. You can read the course code, course name, credit details, and examination slot, etc of all the papers in S3. Also PDF files for all subjects are available for download. You can directly download them from this page and use it for future reference. All the PDF files provided here are the latest and we will update them if any revisions are made by the university.

KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Civil Engineering [CE]

Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits Exam Slot
MA201 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis 3-1-0 4 A
CE201 Mechanics of Solids 3-1-0 4 B
CE203 Fluid Mechanics I 3-1-0 4 C
CE205 Engineering Geology 3-1-0 4 D
CE207 Surveying 3-0-0 3 E
HS200/ HS210 Business Economics/ Life Skills    3-0-0/   2-0-2 3 F
CE231 Civil Engineering Drafting Lab 0-0-3 1 S
CE233 Surveying Lab 0-0-3 1 T

Total Credits: 24                                                                    Cumulative Credits: 71

Download KTU S3 Syllabus Civil

  1. Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
  2. Mechanics of Solids
  3. Fluid Mechanics I
  4. Engineering Geology
  5. Surveying 
  6. Business Economics
  7. Life Skills
  8. Civil Engineering Drafting Lab
  9. Surveying Lab
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    Sreekant Shenoy 25/07/2018 at 6:50 PM

    Thanks for the syllabus! It’s really helpful for sorting and helping us out! S3 syllabus is really tough right? What do you think?

    • Sreekanth Shenoy,
      I don’t think it’s tough if we put our Maximum effort into it. Thanks to the website for the syllabi. Really useful. It’s 2016 syllabus, sure it’s the most recent?

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