KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering [ME] [PDF Download]

KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering [ME]KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering (ME) is provided here in detail. As it is a little bit tedious task to get the KTU prescribed syllabus for each semester, we have gathered them all and made it easy for you to view and download the same with a single click. We have collected the KTU syllabus of Mechanical Engineering for all papers up to the 8th semester and separated them into semester wise for your easiness.

Here you can read the details and names of the papers in your 3rd semester. The same is listed below:

KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus ME

Course Code Course Name L-T-P Credits Exam Slot
MA201 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis 3-1-0 4 A
ME201 Mechanics of Solids 3-1-0 4 B
ME203 Mechanics of Fluids 3-1-0 4 C
ME205 Thermodynamics 3-1-0 4 D
ME210 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering 2-1-0 3 E
HS200/ HS210 Business Economics/ Life Skills 3-0-0/2-0-2 3 F
ME231 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab 0-0-3 1 S
CE230 Material Testing Lab 0-0-3 1 T

Total Credits: 24                                                                    Cumulative Credits: 71

Download KTU B.Tech S3 Syllabus ME

  1. Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis [MA201] 
  2. Mechanics of Solids [ME201]
  3. Mechanics of Fluids [ME203]
  4. Thermodynamics [ME205]
  5. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering [ME210]
  6. Fluid Mechanics and Machines Laboratory [ME230]
  7. Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab [ME231]
  8. Business Economics [HS200] 
  9. Life Skills [HS210]
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