KTU S6 IT Previous Question Papers [PDF Download]

KTU S6 IT Previous Question PapersHere is the complete set of Previous question papers for KTU S6 Information Technology. If you are searching for the same this is the right place for you.

The below given table has details of the course code, Course name and download links. You can see all the subjects and the electives as well.

The links may contain the official Previous question papers provided by KTU and also the Previous papers provided by the respective departments of various engineering colleges in the state.

Compiler Design- CS304
Compiler Design (April 2018)
Course Code Course Name
IT302 Internet Technology [Download]
CS304 Compiler Design [Download]
IT304 Information Retrieval [Download]
IT306 Distributed Systems [Download]
HS300 Principles of Management [Download]
IT362 Data Warehousing and Mining (Elective) [Download]
IT364 Software Testing and Quality Assurance (Elective) [Download]
IT366 Advanced DBMS (Elective) [Download]
IT368 Information Theory and Coding (Elective) [Download]
MA362 Abstract Algebra and Number Theory (Elective) [Download]
IT352 Comprehensive Exam [Download]
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