KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus for Civil Engineering [CE] [PDF Download]

KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus for Civil Engineering [CE] [PDF Download]Here is the details about all the papers of sixth semester of Civil Engineering under KTU. You can read the course code, course name, credit details, and examination slot, etc of all the papers in S6. Also PDF files for all subjects are available for download. You can directly download them from this page and use it for future reference. All the PDF files provided here are the latest and we will update them if any revisions are made by the university.

Here you can read the details and names of the papers in your 6th semester. In the sixth semester you have 6 theory papers, 2 labs and 1 comprehensive examination. The theory papers are Design of Hydraulic Structures, Design of Concrete Structures, Computer Programming and Computational Techniques, Transportation Engineering I, Principles of Management, ‘Elective 2‘. The laboratory papers are Computer Aided Civil Engineering Lab and Transportation Engineering Lab.

Below given are the details and PDF download links of each papers, have a look below:

KTU S6 Syllabus Civil [CE]

Course Code Course Name Credits Exam Slot
CE302 Design of Hydraulic Structures [Download] 4 A
CE304 Design of Concrete Structures II [Download] 3 B
CE306 Computer Programming and Computational Techniques [Download] 3 C
CE308 Transportation Engineering I [Download] 3 D
HS300 Principles of Management [Download] 3 E
CE362 Ground Improvement Techniques (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE364 Advanced Foundation Engineering (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE366 Traffic Engineering and Management (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE368 Prestressed Concrete (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE372 Engineering Hydrology (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE374 Air Quality Management (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE332 Transportation Engineering Lab [Download] 1 S
CE334 Computer Aided Civil Engineering  Lab [Download 1 T
CE352  Comprehensive Exam [Download] 2 U
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