KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering [ME] [PDF Download]

KTU B.Tech S4 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering [ME]KTU B.Tech S6 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering (ME) is available here as PDF for download. Since it being a little bit tedious task to get the KTU prescribed syllabus for each semester, we have gathered them all and made it easy for you to view and download with a single click. All the pdf files for each papers are uploaded to a high quality server to make it easier and error free downloads. We have collected the complete KTU prescribed syllabus of Mechanical Engineering for all papers up to the 8th semester and separated them into semester wise for your easiness.

Here you can read the details and names of the papers in your 6th semester. In the sixth semester you have 6 theory papers, 2 labs and 1 comprehensive examination. The theory papers are Heat and Mass Transfer (HMT), Dynamics of Machinery (DOM), Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Computer Aided Design and Analysis (CADA), Metrology and Instrumentation (MAI), ‘Elective 2‘. The laboratory papers are Computer Aided Design and Analysis Lab and Manufacturing Technology Lab II.

Below given are the details and PDF download links of each papers, have a look below:

KTU S6 Syllabus Mechanical [ME]

Course Code Course Name Credits Exam Slot
ME302 Heat and Mass Transfer [Download] 4 A
ME304 Dynamics of Machinery [Download] 3 B
ME306 Advanced Manufacturing Technology [Download] 3 C
ME308 Computer Aided Design and Analysis [Download] 3 D
ME312 Metrology and Instrumentation [Download] 3 E
ME362 Control System Engineering (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME364 Turbo Machinery (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME366 Advanced Metal Joining Technology (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME368 Marketing Management (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME372 Operations Research (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME374 Theory of Vibration (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME376 Maintenance Engineering (Elective) [Download] 3 F
ME332 Computer Aided Design and Analysis Lab [Download] 1 S
EE334 Manufacturing Technology Lab II [Download 1 T
ME352  Comprehensive Exam [Download] 2 U


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