KTU S7 Computer Science Engineering Class Notes Module Wise [PDF Download]

KTU S7 CSE Model Question PapersHello guys, We are here with complete set of class notes for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) of KTU Seventh semester. We have brought the class notes for you module wise as it will let you download the required module only. This is really a tedious job to us but greatly help you at times of series examinations and the final end semester examination for last days preparation.

The notes are showcased here after the original handwritten lecture notes of top students are scanned and verified . You can refer to the same for your daily study as well as for the preparation of semester exams.

Below the list is given in table format and corresponding links are provided as Module wise

Course Code Course Name
CS401 Computer Graphics [Download]
CS403 Programming Paradigms [Download]
CS405 Computer System Architecture [Download]
CS407 Distributed Computing [Download]
CS409 Cryptography and Network Security [Download]
CS461 Computational Geometry  (Elective) [Download]
CS463 Digital Image Processing (Elective) [Download]
CS465 Bio Informatics (Elective) [Download]
CS467 Machine Learning (Elective) [Download]
CS469 Computational Complexity (Elective) [Download]


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