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KTU B.Tech S7 Syllabus for Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

By Last updated on 14/04/2018

If you are looking for KTU B.Tech S7 Syllabus for Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, then this article is for you. In this article you can read the complete details about the papers in seventh semester and also their detailed syllabus. Here we’ve arranged the download option for all the papers in PDF. So you can get them directly for future reference.

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Here you can read the details and names of the papers in your 7th semester. In this semester you have 6 theory papers, 1 lab and seminar & project preliminary. The theory papers are Logic and Distributed Control System, Biomedical Instrumentation, Advanced Control Theory, Digital Control System, Optical Instrumentation, ‘Elective 3‘. The laboratory paper is Control System and Signal Processing Lab.

KTU S7 Syllabus for Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

Course Code Course Name Credits Exam Slot
AE401 Logic and Distributed Control System [Download] 4 A
AE403 Biomedical Instrumentation [Download] 3 B
AE405 Advanced Control Theory [Download] 3 C
AE407 Digital Control System [Download] 3 D
AE409 Optical Instrumentation [Download] 3 E
AE461 ARM System Architecture (Elective) [Download] 3 F
AE463 Aerospace & Navigation Instrumentation (Elective) [Download] 3 F
AE465 Information Security (Elective) [Download] 3 F
AE467 CMOS Circuit Design (Elective) [Download] 3 F
EC370 Digital Image Processing (Elective) [Download] 3 F
AE451 Seminar & Project Preliminary [Download] 2 S
AE431 Control System and Signal Processing Lab [Download] 1 T

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