KTU B.Tech S7 Syllabus for Civil Engineering [CE] [PDF Download]

KTU B.Tech S7 Syllabus for Civil Engineering [CE] [PDF Download]KTU S7 Syllabus Civil Engineering (CE) or ktu syllabus S7 civil is available here as PDF for download. All the pdf files for each papers are uploaded to a high quality server to make it easier and error free downloads. And the best part is you don’t require ktu login to access the files. All are direct download links. We have collected the complete KTU prescribed syllabus of Civil Engineering for all papers up to the 8th semester and separated them into semester wise for your easiness. Here you can read the details and names of the papers in your 7th semester. In the seventh semester you have 6 theory papers, 1 lab. The theory papers are Design of Steel Structures, Structural Analysis III, Environmental Engineering I, Transportation Engineering II, Quantity Surveying and Valuation, and Elective 3.

The other papers are Seminar & Project Preliminary and Environmental Engineering Lab. The elective papers are as follows:

1. CE461 Water Hydrodynamics and Coastal Engineering
2. CE463 Bridge Engineering
3. CE465 Geo-Environmental Engineering
4. CE467 Highway Pavement Design
5. CE469 Environmental Impact Assessment
6. CE471 Advanced Structural Design
4. CE473 Advanced Computational Techniques and Optimization

Below given are the details and PDF download links of each papers, have a look below:

KTU S7 Syllabus Civil [CE]

Course Code Course Name Credits Exam Slot
CE401 Design of Steel Structures [Download] 4 A
CE403 Structural Analysis III [Download] 3 B
CE405 Environmental Engineering I [Download] 3 C
CE407 Transportation Engineering II [Download] 3 D
CE409 Quantity Surveying and Valuation [Download] 3 E
CE461 Water Hydrodynamics and Coastal Engineering (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE463 Bridge Engineering (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE465 Geo-Environmental Engineering (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE467 Highway Pavement Design (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE469 Environmental Impact Assessment (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE471 Advanced Structural Design (Elective) [Download] 3 F
CE473  Advanced Computational Techniques and Optimization (Elective) [Download] 3 S
CE451 Seminar & Project Preliminary [Download 2 T
CE431 Environmental Engineering Lab [Download] 1 U

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