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KTU B.Tech S8 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering [ME] [PDF Download]

By Last updated on 11/09/2018

KTU S8 Syllabus Mechanical (ME) or ktu syllabus S8 mechanical is available here as PDF for download. All the pdf files for each papers in the eighth semester are uploaded to a high quality server to make it easier and error free downloads. We have collected the complete S8 syllabus KTU Mechanical Engineering for all papers up to the 8th semester and separated them into semester wise for your easiness.

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Here you can read the details and names of the papers in your 8th semester. In the eighth semester you have 4 theory papers, project preliminary and no labs. The theory papers are Design of Machine Elements II, Industrial Engineering, Elective 4,Elective 5 (Non Departmental). The other paper is Project which is having the highest credit (6 Credits). The ‘elective 4‘ papers are as follows:

1. ME462 Propulsion Engineering
2. ME464 Robotics and Automation
3. ME466 Computational Fluid Dynamics
4. ME468 Nanotechnology
5. ME472 Failure Analysis and Design
6. ME474 Micro and Nano Manufacturing
7. ME476 Material Handling & Facilities Planning

Elective 5 papers are non departmental paper. The list of the various subjects with their Course code are provided here. It should be reminded that already studied subjects cannot be taken as elective 5

Below given are the details and PDF download links of each papers, have a look below:

KTU S8 Syllabus Mechanical [ME]

Course Code Course Name Credits Exam Slot
ME401 Design of Machine Elements II [Download] 4 A
ME404 Industrial Engineering [Download] 3 B
ME407 Elective 4[Download] 3 C
ME409 Elective 5 [Download] 3 D
ME492 Project  [Download] 6 S


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