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KTU B.Tech S1, S2 Syllabus 2019 Complete PDF Download [Updated]

By Last updated on 29/07/2018

KTU Syllabus S1 2019 PDF and KTU Syllabus S2 2019 PDF for all subjects/ papers are available here to download. CareerYuga provides you the complete KTU S1 S2 syllabus 2019 updated version for every papers in the semesters. In the first year, ie, in the first and second semesters you have several theory ans workshop papers. So you require the complete syllabus of the same. From here you can directly download the syllabus for S1 and S2 papers. For you guys we have arranged super fast servers for downloading the syllabus pdf files.

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KTU Syllabus S1 S2 2019

Below given are the KTU Syllabus S1 2019 PDF and KTU Syllabus S2 2019 PDF for all subjects. To download the PDF click on the respective links provided below.

S1 S2 KTU Syllabus (Theory Papers)

  1. [MA 101] Calculus
  2. [PH 100] Engineering Physics
  3. [CY 100] Engineering Chemistry
  4. [BE 100] Engineering Mechanics
  5. [BE 110] Engineering Graphics
  6. [BE 101-01] Introduction to Civil Engineering
  7. [BE 101-02] Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences
  8. [BE 101-03] Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  9. [BE 101-04] Introduction to Electronics Engineering
  10. [BE 101-05] Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving
  11. [BE 101-06] Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  12. [BE 103] Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
  13. [CE 100] Basics of Civil Engineering
  14. [ME 100] Basics of Mechanical Engineering
  15. [EE 100] Basics of Electrical Engineering
  16. [EC 100] Basics of Electronics Engineering
  17. [MA 102] Differential Equations
  18. [BE 102] Design and Engineering
  19. [CS 100] Computer Programming

KTU S1 S2 Syllabus (Workshops/ Labs)

  1. [PH 110] Engineering Physics Lab
  2. [CY 110] Engineering Chemistry Lab
  3. [CE 110] Civil Engineering Workshop
  4. [ME 110] Mechanical Engineering Workshop
  5. [EE 110] Electrical Engineering Workshop
  6. [EC 110] Electronics Engineering Workshop
  7. [CS 110] Computer Science Workshop
  8. [CH 110] Chemical Engineering Workshop
  9. [CS 120] Computer Programming Lab

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