KTU S8 Non Departmental Electives List & Syllabus [PDF Download]

Here is the complete list of all Non Departmental Elective courses and their syllabi of the 8th semester students of KTU. As per the curriculum provided by the university, the non departmental elective subject is the fifth optional subject that can be chosen by the students in this semester. There are a large number of elective courses in the list from which your favorite one can be chosen. They courses may come from branches like Mechanical, Civil, ECE, EEE, CSE etc.

Even though selection of the course is in the hands of students they have to follow some guidelines. The rules and guidelines are as follows.

  1. The non departmental electives provided by a specific department is only for students of other branches.
  2. One cannot choose a subject that he/she is already studied in previous semesters or currently studying in the 8th semester.
  3. Each department will be providing at least one non-departmental elective.
  4. Courses from a department cannot be taken by a student from the same department.
  5. Maximum number of students in a non departmental elective shall be in the range 50-60 and minimum number should be around [Total students/(1.5 x No. of batches)]

List of Non Departmental Electives

  1. [AO482] Flight Against Gravity
  2. [AE482] Industrial Instrumentation
  3. [AE484] Instrumentation System Design
  4. [AU484] Microprocessor And Embedded Systems
  5. [AU486] Noise, Vibration And Harshness
  6. [BM482] Biomedical Instrumentation
  7. [BM484] Medical Imaging & Image Processing Techniques
  8. [BT461] Design Of Biological Wastewater Systems
  9. [BT362] Sustainable Energy Processes
  10. [CH482] Process Utilities And Pipe Line Design
  11. [CH484] Fuel Cell Technology
  12. [CS482] Data Structures
  13. [CS484] Computer Graphics
  14. [CS486] Object Oriented Programming
  15. [CS488] C # And .Net Programming
  16. [EE482] Energy Management And Auditing
  17. [EE484] Control Systems
  18. [EE486] Soft Computing
  19. [EE488] Industrial Automation
  20. [EE494] Instrumentation Systems
  21. [EC482] Biomedical Engineering
  22. [FT482] Food Process Engineering
  23. [FT484] Food Storage Engineering
  24. [FT486] Food Additives And Flavouring
  25. [IE482] Financial Management
  26. [IE484] Introduction To Business Analytics
  27. [IE486] Design And Analysis Of Experiments
  28. [IE488] Total Quality Management
  29. [IC482] Biomedical Signal Processing
  30. [IT482] Information Storage Management
  31. [MA482] Applied Linear Algebra
  32. [MA484] Operations Research
  33. [MA486] Advanced Numerical Computations
  34. [MA488] Cryptography
  35. [ME484] Finite Element Analysis (CE466 Finite Element Methods)
  36. [ME482] Energy Conservation And Management
  37. [ME471] Optimization Techniques (CE473 Advanced Computational Techniques And Optimisation)
  38. [MP482] Product Development And Design
  39. [MP469] Industrial Psychology & Organizational Behaviour
  40. [MT482] Industrial Safety
  41. [MR482] Mechatronics
  42. [FS482] Responsible Engineering
  43. [SB482] Dredgers And Harbour Crafts
  44. [HS482] Professional Ethics

Note: Provided below are the list of branches and the corresponding courses which are NOT eligible for that branch and also the Courses Conditionally eligible for a student. ie., if you are about to select any of the subjects provided under conditionally eligible courses, then you must not have studied it earlier.

Branches Courses not Eligible Courses Conditionally Eligible
Aeronautical Engg AO482, ME484  ME471 (AO467)
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engg AE482,AE484, EE484,AU484, EE492, EE486, BM482  MP469 (AE362)
Automobile Engg AU484, AU486 MP482 (AU465)
Biomedical Engineering BM482,BM484, IC482, AU484, EE484 , EC482 MR482 (BM362)
Biotechnology BT362, BT461 FT482 (BT464)
Chemical Engineering CH482, CH484  ME471(CH369)
Civil Engineering CE482, CE484, CE486, CE488, CE492, MP484  ME484 (CE466), ME471 (CE473)
Computer Science and Engineering CS482, CS484, CS486, CS488,  AU484 EE486 (CS361),ME471(CS365)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering EE482, EE484, EE486, EE488, EE492, AU484, AE482 CS486 (EE361), CS482 (EE362), BM482 (EE372),ME482(EE474)
Electronics and Biomedical Engineering BM482, BM484, IC482, AU484, EE484, EC482 MR482 (BM362)
Electronics and Communication Engg EC482, AU484, CS486, EE484 EE486 (EC360), ME471 (EC363)
Food Technology FT482, FT484, FT486
Industrial Engineering IE482, IE484, IE486, IE488, CS486, ME471, EE488
Information Technology IT482, CS482, CS484, CS486, AU484
Instrumentation and Control Engineering AE482, AE484, AU484, EE484, EE492, BM482 EE488 (IC362), IE488 (IC364)
Mechanical Engineering ME482, ME484, ME471, EE482, MR482 EE484 (ME362), EE488 (ME464)
Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering AU482, AU484, AU486, ME482, ME484, ME471,  MR482
Mechanical (Production) Engineering ME482, ME484, ME471, MP482, MP469, MP484, MR482 EE488 (ME464)
Mechatronics MR482, AU484,  EE482, BM482, EE488, EE486 CS486(MR363), ME484 (ME369)
Metallurgy MT482
Naval Architecture and Ship Building SB482  ME484(SB468)
Production Engineering MP482, MP469, MP484, , MR482, IE488, ME471 EE486(MP369),EE488(MP372), ME484(ME369)
Safety and Fire Engineering FS482, MT482, CE488

Hope you have got a clear idea about the non departmental subjects and the conditions to be satisfied in order to select a course. If you still have any query, feel free to ask us. Just drop a comment below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Regards 🙂

  1. So my question is if many number of people like above 60 students select same elective it’s because they think that that particular elective is comfortable for them.so according to ktu rule I know it’s not possible. But we should look up on the students interest also. So I don’t think that this range like 50 to 60 number of students is not necessary. Let give the equal rights to all students. And give priority to only their interests. As many complaints has been registered through this criteria. So better to remove that criteria. And let the students take their like subjects.

  2. It was very much helpful. Please keep up the good work.

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