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KTU Student Login [e-Gov Portal] : The University e-Governance Portal

Here is the ktu login app. ktu student login page, ktu students login e-gov portal for checking their academic details, attendance and marks, credits earned, revaluation results etc.

Sign In :: KTU Login / Student Login [e-Gov Portal]

Forgot Password?
KTU Student Login links are already available on the official website of the university and also in the direct links provided in this page. The KTU Login is mainly done for Institutions, Students and University Staff.
For Students Login, it is mandatory to provide their credentials like Username and Password. Also, there is a password reset link from where the forgotten password can be retrieved. For this your profile should be provided with a valid and accessible e-mail ID.

Instruction to Students

  1. Ensure that you are gonna enter the correct username and password for ktu login. Entering incorrect credentials in your student login form will disable your account for 24 hours.

FAQs about KTU Students Login

1. Which browsers does the e-Gov Platform for KTU support?

e-Gov Platform for KTU works on Firefox (3+) and Chrome browsers.

2. What is to be done if the username or password is lost?

You can click the link Forgot Username/Password. On entering the registered email id, the username will be sent to you by email.

In the case of password, we will reset the password and communicate to you the new password.

You can then log-in with your new username/password and change the password using the Change password link.

3. What if my account is disabled?

Actually this is one of the most common problem arises frequently. This is due to the submission of incorrect credentials. It’s a part of the security of the website. If your account is disabled so, just wait for 24 hours and try again. If still the issue persist, then contact your class adviser immediately.

4. Forgot password says there is no registered email ID found.

Contact your Institution’s KTU registration team via your class adviser and tell him to help you reset your password. The issue will be resolved and you successfully  ktu login and connect your account with your email ID.