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A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological University

KTU (APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University)

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KTU (APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University), initially known by the name Kerala Technological University is the newest university by the government of Kerala. It came in to existence on May 21, 2014. It aims at improving the academic quality of Graduates, Post graduates and research sectors and take them to the next level. KTU controls the academics of all colleges which are affiliated to the university. Unlike from all the old Universities in Kerala, KTU has given a focus on Research, Innovation and Development.

Within 1 year KTU will replace all the other universities in Kerala and bring all the technical education under the a single roof. Calicut university, Mahatma Gandhi (MG) university, Kannur university etc are going to be replaced by KTU.

This article encompasses all the important aspects and resources need for a student pursing B.Tech Degree under the A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological University. Here we discuss about KTU Syllabus, Class Notes, Question Papers, Textbooks, Results etc.

KTU Syllabus

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological UniversityKTU B.Tech syllabus is known for its difficulty level and vastness in the subjects. KTU made the syllabus a little bit advanced in order to improve quality of the education and to make every students very much competent in their core subjects and practicals as well. One remarkable about ktu syllabus for b tech is that, they have prepared a well documented syllabus for each of the papers for every branches. For every subjects, the entire syllabus is broken down into 6 modules and each of the modules have a definite weightage which is clearly mentioned in the syllabus. Apart from that they provides the question paper pattern for each subject and also advice to conduct series examination after completing the respective modules. Moreover, a the well documented syllabus for every branches are made available to download in PDF format. This makes it easy for students to download and refer to the syllabus at any time even from their mobile phones.

KTU Class Notes

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological University

This is a special facility that CareerYuga gives to the ktu students for make their learning easier. We provide well written class notes for each subjects of different branches which can be downloaded from our website. The ktu class notes may either be the lecture notes written by class toppers or prepared by referring to the related books. We collect several number of class notes for a subject from different colleges in Kerala and is subjected to detailed checking and then published on our website. This will surely be helpful for students who are either not getting enough notes from their classes or text books can’t be afforded. We also provides a facility by which the students can contact and ask for special notes and study materials as per their requirement.

KTU Question Papers

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological UniversityHere at CareerYuga we also provides previous question papers and model question papers of regular and supplementary examinations. For every branches, and every subjects question papers are available here for download. Solving the previous question papers is a good method to study as it not only helps you find new questions and but also give you a clear idea about the examination pattern. It also gives an idea about important topics and types of questions that are being asked for both regular and supplementary examinations. When you prepare for the examinations with the help of at least 2 or 3 previous year question papers or any model question papers prepared by us, you can identify the repeated questions from each modules. So every time you study for an examination of any subject, just download the previous/ model question papers from here. If you can’t find the required question paper, then you can use out contact form for asking the same. We will get back to you with the required materials.

KTU Textbooks

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological UniversityFor every graduation course, especially for B.Tech degree, textbook is an inevitable thing. For getting the clear idea about any topic lecture notes might not be enough. So it requires a textbook of great authors. Here we will provide you the pdf files of the KTU prescribed textbooks for you. We will keep it updated for all the branches. And also you can ask for custom pages or any other textbooks as per your requirement.

KTU Academic Calendar

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological UniversityThe University will release and publish the academic calendar for every semester which indicates the commencement of classes, exams and other schedules. It includes, the course registration, enrollment dates, internal exam dates, practical exam dates, finalization of marks on internal exams and assignments, approved holidays, end semester examination, result announcement dates etc. Moreover, summer course schedules and other miscellaneous events will be mentioned in the academic calendar.

KTU Summer Courses

A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological UniversityStudents who couldn’t earn the required credits at the end of the semester 2 or 4 have two options to choose from.  They may register for the courses again, when they are offered in the next academic year. However, there is also a facility to conduct summer courses in failed courses for these students who may register and attend the course and write the final exam. This is only for those students who scored 45% or more in the internal exams. Also, students should have a minimum of 75% attendance in the summer courses to appear for the examination.

Summer courses will be conducted for minimum 20 contact hours for each course. It will only be offered at the end of the 2nd and 4th semesters for the courses covered till that semester. It will be conducted either by all colleges or only by some, depending on the number of students registered for them. Further details of summer courses will be released by the colleges after the publication of the even semester results. Final examination for summer courses will be conducted by the university. Based on the availability of faculty and the number of students opting for courses, colleges have the right to decide on the summer courses to be offered.

KTU  Grades & Grade Points

The university follows standard grades and grad points as per the UGC guidelines. Both the grades and the grade points are as follows.

 Grades Grade Points % of marks obtained in the course
 O (Outstanding) 10  ≥ 90%
 A+ (Excellent) 9 85% and above but less than 90%
 A (Very Good) 8 80% and above but less than 85%
 B+ (Good) 7 70% and above but less than 80%
 B (Above Average) 6 60% and above but less than 70%
 C (Average) 5 50% and above but less than 60%
 P (Pass) 4 45% and above but less than 50%
 F (Fail) 0 Less than 45%
 FE 0 Failed due to Lack of internal marks
 I Course Incomplete


SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average whereas CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

The calculation method for both CGPA and SGPA are as follows:

SGPA = ∑(Ci x GPi)/∑Ci     where,

  • Ci = Credit Assigned for a course
  • GPi = Grade Point for that course

Summation is done for all the courses registered by the student in the present semester. Failed course are also taken into account.

CGPA∑(Ci x GPi)/∑Ci    where,

  • Ci = Credit Assigned for a course
  • GPi = Grade Point for that course

Summation is done for all the courses registered by the student during all the semesters upto which the CGPA is required. Failed course are also taken into account.