Top 10 Most Popular MBA Courses in India

Top 10 Most Popular MBA Courses in IndiaMaster of Business Administration (MBA) is typically a 2 year master’s degree in Business Administration or management. It’s main aim is to make a candidate competent in all sectors of management by encompassing all important areas and an expert in any one specialization program. This article highlights the top 10 popular MBA courses in India.

The core subject of MBA covers areas of finance, accounting, marketing, accounting, human resource, statistics etc. An MBA program makes a candidate proficient in the above mentioned areas in a manner which is best suited for management and strategic administration.

In India, the MBA degree is generally a semester based course in which the students gain vast knowledge in core courses in the first two semesters and then are allowed to specialize any one specialization programs in the next two semesters. Candidates choose their specialization based on their preference and the present market demand as well.

Need for Specialization

The specialization is an inevitable thing as every recruiters and companies need your expertise skills and not just the basic management skills. Though candidates are skillful in general management, for a company they need a candidate who specialized in any MBA programs.

Companies in the field of finance, management, marketing, information technology etc. actually needs candidates who are specialized in the respective programs. These days, placement in such companies is not that easy. A candidate is preferred only after testing his/ her knowledge in the specialization and decision making skills.

So, in short, specialization in MBA program is mandatory for an individual to achieve his professional development and career goals.

In this article we have compiled a list of top 10 most popular MBA courses in India. This is based on the demand and present market scenario in India. In the list the most demanded MBA specialization comes in the top. Important features of each of the MBA specializations are described briefly.

Top 10 MBA Specializations in India

#1. MBA in Finance

MBA in finance tops the list because of its varied scope and opportunity. It is also the most popular and highly demanded MBA specialization in India. The same will specialize a candidate in financial areas of capital budgeting, costing, international finance management etc. By completing the specialization the finance management the candidate will be eligible for working in financial sector in any organization.

In India, IIM Calcutta is a renowned institute for the financial specialization.

Those candidates who specialized in Finance is able to get placement in banking sectors. The banking sector of India need individuals with financial specialization. Not only the banking sector, but also sectors like insurance companies, stock exchanges, financial consulting are a boon for the finance specialized MBA aspirants.

In India, the salary can be expected between $4,000 to 30,000. It may vary according to the company and institute from which you completed the MBA.

#2. MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource (HR) management will be best suited for those who wish to be a part of human resource functions like handling people and to understand the problems of people. So it requires the candidate to have a foundation if psychology.

If you wish to pursue MBA in HRM from foreign countries, then Stanford university will the best option for you. Or you can opt for North Western university or University of Chicago.

MBA in HR management can raise you to higher levels in your career. You will be joining as an HR recruiter or HR generalist in the beginning. Then there are several upward careers in the field. The same is as follows:  HR recruiter > Team Leader > Assistant HR Manager > Regional HR Manager > Senior HR Manager > HR Director > Chief HR Officer.

#3. MBA in Marketing

This specialization is aimed at those who like to communicate with people and understand market behavior, consumer behavior etc. If you are bold, charismatic and enthusiastic in a special way then its a positive sign. You can opt for the specialization in Marketing. It will provide you a dynamic and competitive career. One of the first preferences is your communication skills. You should possess the skills for marketing a service or product that your employer introduces.

You can excel in this specialization if you have additional skills for making sales calls and managing and executing a marketing campaign.

If you are selected in a company then you will be posted in one of the following posts.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planner
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Brand Manager

#4. MBA in Information Technology

This is an era of  massive revolutions in the information technology sector and these these are characterized by the introduction of post modern technologies and applications. If you are passionate about exploring the technological field especially in computers and internet based application, them this type of specialization is for you.

One thing you have to remember is that Specialization in IT not only require your technical soundness but also your ability to manage and to take wise and timely decisions.

If you want to specialize in IT, then IIM Calcutta will be a nice option for you in India. If you have to search for foreign opportunities Harvard B-School and MIT Sloan etc will be the best suited for you.

#5. MBA in International Business

MBA Specialization in International Business aims to provide a detailed knowledge of Organizational management to cater the needs for International operations. This course specializes on the international marketing strategies that works on multinational companies and organizations.

As the business is globalized today, it is not restricted to a single nation but spread across different countries. The scenarios in every country are a lot different now. This may be due to the development and culture of the nation. To connect and coordinate all the nations, it demands certain set of skills and business strategies which can be availed through MBA in International Business.

The scope for the same is endless as you will getting opportunities and a large number of nation where you will be getting a handsome salary especially in developed countries like US, Canada etc.

#6. MBA in Operation Management

MBA in Operation Management is relatively a new specialization which deals with the shop floor management or production management. It essentially looks into the management of production and operations performed in a company. If you are interested in digging into the details of everything that you see, then this specialization is for you.

If you opt for operations management specialization, and wanna study in India, then IIM Bangalore, IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Calcutta etc. will be some great choices. Or else you want to fly abroad then some top institutes are MIT Sloan, INSEAD, Harvard B-School, The Wharton School etc.

Since this is a new specialization, your salary will be comparatively lower that that of Finance and Marketing. You can expect a salary anywhere between $30K and $40K in USA and UK.

#7. MBA in Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain management exclusively deals with the inventory management, transportation of raw materials needed by a company or their clients.

MBA in Supply Chain Management will impart special skills of Logistics and Transportation, Supply Chain management, Logistics and supply chain strategy, International Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Models etc.

There are numerous opportunities for supply chain management both in India and abroad as well.

#8. MBA in Hospital Management

The Health Care is often considered as one of the best sector for managers. These days, not only doctors but also several other people having interest in health care management are opting for Hospital Management specialization. This specialization aims at providing excellent practices and core business skills that are inevitable for the health care industry.

In India, Hospital Management is very popular and some top rated institutes are Tata Institute of Social Science are teaching Hospital management, Symbiosis Centre for health care etc.

In other countries, the hospital management is often known as Hospital Administration.

When it comes to the salary, this specialization scores high. The salary scale will be higher than normal MBAs because most of then graduates will be doctors. The expected salary in this filed is $20K to $70K per year.

#9. MBA in Rural Management

Rural Management programme is a unique type of specialization which is offered for specializing in the field of marketing with a special emphasis on rural business. The specialty is that there is a large demand for rural managers in India as well as abroad.

After specializing in rural management, you will be getting opportunities in the following:

  • Rural development projects by Government of India.
  • Research institutes which are focusing on research in rural areas.
  • Social research agencies.
  • Non governmental organizations.

#10. MBA in Agri Business Management

Agri Business Management is another popular thing in India. This specialization will be best suited for those who wish to work for improving the overall agri business in India. This focuses on management of companies that process, market and merchandise agricultural products. For getting into this, you need any degree of your choice. When you opt for this specialization, you will be studying about food industry, livestock industry, horticulture industry etc. The course objective of agri business management are:

  • Cost evaluation
  • Distribution techniques
  • Global guidelines on agriculture
  • Tactical administration and operation
  • Advertising and promotions

Above listed are the Top 10 Most Popular MBA Courses in India. We hope you got a clear idea about all the above mentioned specializations in MBA. And if you are still confused in opting for a specialization, just leave a comment below and we will help you. Or else if you need a personal assistance, then just drop a mail to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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