KTU MCA S2 Supply 2018 KTU Kerala Technological University has published the Timetable for KTU MCA S2 supplementary examination which are scheduled to start in the Month of August. The Time table is scheduled to be started in the forenoon session. KTU S2 MCA supply exam 2018 Timetable is now available on the official website, ktu.edu.in. The students who are ready to write the examination had to register the S2 MCA Supply exam 2018 by the students login. Her we have included more information about examination registration and related notification. We have also given the official timetable which we have got from the official website. So you can also verify this time table with the exact pdf which is published by the official authority in the official web portal.

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How to Register S2 MCA supply Examination 2018?

The supplementary registration is started from 26/07/2018 to 27th of the same month. So the students can register their result by Login in the official website. The KTU MCA S2 Supplementary examination fee should be given to the colleges and they will take care of it. Even the students register the examination college can confirm the registration by the institution login.

Here we are giving the steps to register the examination (supplementary),

  1. Log in to the website app.ktu.edu.in
  2. Then enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD
  3. Then click on the login button
  4. Then the site will be directed to the students profile.
  5. Click on the exam tab which is there at the top.
  6. Click on the examination name and then select the exams to be written.
  7. Submit for the registration. That’s all.

KTU MCA S2 Supplementary Timetable

Here we have given the Timetable details. According to this timetable, the semester 2 KTU MCA S2 Supplementary examination will be conducted with in the first week of the august and no study leave in between the examination are provided. This timetable contains the Date of examination, Day of the supplementary examination, session and slots. So the students can check the timetable specifically and more clearly. But the time of the examination is not mentioned and the given timetable is contained with session not the exact time. B tech s4 supplementary examination had given the time as 10 Pm. But from the first day of examination, the examination had been conducted at 9.30 Pm. So ther will be much confusions to the students about the time schedule. So we are recommended the students to contact the respective colleges for the Information about the time schedule

Date Day Session

Slot MCA (Int’d)

Slot MCA (Reg’r and LE)

01-Aug-17 Tuesday Fore Noon A A
02-Aug-17 Wednesday Fore Noon B B
03-Aug-17  Thursday Fore Noon C C
04-Aug-17 Friday Fore Noon D D
07-Aug-17 Monday Fore Noon E

1 – INMCA112 – Personality Development and Soft Skills

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